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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  May 16, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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bp energy making a second attempt team get the oil leak under control and plus a tribute to men and women celebrating armed forces day. this is the fox report. >> day two of bp's attempts to shut off the massive oil leak in the gulf of mexico, but tonight that crews ran into a snag 5,000 feet below the surface, but the work continues. >> we're in the process of the method of contain the flow, to stop the flow. it contains the flow. we hope to have that inserted by sometime tonight. >> a live update from the gulf and bp's other options if the
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latest fails. >> plus, we're on the road to recovery, new signs that efforts housing market may have a ways to go. despite falling mortgage rates and foreclosures. how long will we see a turnaround? and bridge go the gap, how the government is making sure that our women in the uniform are getting the care they need when they return from the battlefield. >> trace: another setback to contain the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. you'll recall last week bp tried to cap the leak with a hundred ton box. that didn't work. now, federal officials are saying they are trying to insert a tube inside the gushing pipe. the idea is to bring it to the surface. they had to make adjustments after the first try. even if it works the fix will just minimize the leak that
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started last month when an oil rig sank 40 miles off the coast of louisiana. at least 200,000 gallons of oil spilling into the gulf every single day. independent experts it could actually be ten times bigger than that. so much is at stake. >> the department of interior has 33 wildlife refuges along the coast of the gulf of mexico. we have seven national park units along the gulf and we have a responsibility as a united states fish and wildlife service to make sure we're doing everything we can to protect the ecological resources of the gulf coast. >> it's also threatening people's jobs in the fisherys. david lee, what do we know about the latest setbacks? >> at first you don't succeed, tried again. once again they are going to try
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and place this might longs, six inch diameter tube into the pipe to siphon up the oil to a tanker that is on the surface. in order to do that the tube has to be passed through a framework device that is on the ocean bottom. that is when bp officials say they begin to encounter problems. >> this tool sits in a metal frame so that the drill pipe lowered from the discover enterprise the drill ship, can connect to it. when they attempted it, the frame shifted and what they had to do they brought the tool back to the surface and reorient the frame so the next attempt will be more successful. >> the ceo said earlier today that he hopes the spill can be stopped within ten days. he said in worst case scenario, it's impossible how long it's going to take.
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>> are there any other options? >>. >> reporter: authorities are doing a number of things. they are skimming and burning and using chemical agents to try and disperse the oil. so far they have used about 500,000 gallons of a chemical agent on the surface of the water. now, they are using that chemical agent under the water. that has become extremely controversial. many fishermen here and environmental activists say it's risky and taking a big gamble that the cure could cause even more damage. epa, however, says it's closely monitoring the data and if there are indications there is serious problem, they will halt the practice. thank you. david lee miller. right now a war of words between obama administration over funding over home land security. two weeks after the attempted
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terror attack in times square. they are firing back at criticism that the federal government stopped spending new york city. homeland chief janet napolitano sent a letter charge them with sitting on $275 million in unspent money that was supposed to be used for security. they accuse the feds of slashing funds for port and transit security. that generating a strong reaction from one law miarm and molly henneberg is live in washington with that. >> molly: new york republican congressman peter king contends if there is that money out there $275 million for ports and transit security for new york city, then he says the department of homeland security must be slowing down the process because new york hasn't had access to the funds. >> any money that is not being used is because it's being held
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up. the mayor bloomberg is holding $275 million with the terrible economic crisis and the terrible security crisis we face. >> molly: king says he met with homeland security secretary janet napolitano on thursday to talk about anti-terror funding. she didn't mention the $275 million, but she did in a letter on friday, saying she was concerned that new york hadn't used the money available since 2006. given the since of urgency we all feel we are focused on working closely with congress and state and local partners to ensure these funds are put to work quickly to address needs new york city and the state. >> they are pressing for a mutual resolution between lawmakers and obama administration who is engaged in what they call, quote, a public squabble. they were cutting over all
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anti-terror funds. administration counters it's not a cut when you add the stimulus money. they say they need sustained funding for security operations. >> thank you, we appreciate that report. >> the white house wants to speed up the release of documents related to the supreme court nominee. elena kagan is to replace retiring judge stevens. much of the paper trail is covered up. they want to push up the release of more than 160,000 pages of paper, including e-mails. lawmakers will review the documents for kagan's confirmation hearing this summer. >> president obama making a fresh push for a sweeping overhaul since the great forest. in a weekly address today, he says wall street needs to be
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better regulated for the sake of main street. he made the case how the legislation is working it's way through congress will benefit americans. >> first and foremost, you have a stake in it if you've ever been treated unfairly by a credit card, misled by pages of fine prints or ended up paying fees and penalties before. you have a stake if you took out a home loan, car loan or student loan and targeted by the predatory practices of unscrupulous lend zblirs in addressing that, the other goal is to prevent another financial crisis like the one in 2008. the bill is supposed to establish to red flag risks in the financial system. right now they are debating the legislation and the final vote could come as early as this week. a fox weather alert. flooding continues through parts of the midwest and here some n south texas in ravina county,
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roads are completely covered with water. the region around san antonio is seeing dozens of high water rescues. domenica davis will bring us up to date. >> we've had about two to three inches of rain. it's still coming down. a front is really going to plague this area down to the south and going to get waves of low pressure bringing lots of rain. you can see it's pushing to the north of new orleans and jackson mississippi, tennessee is not without their problems as well. they have been dealing with flooding. a lot of rain moved in. right now the heaviest rain has pushed over to the eastern part part state but in the southern part of the state, 2, 2 1/2 inches. the high pressure system is riding around it. it will meander back and forth.
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so the main threat is definitely flash flooding. there are many reports of hail through parts of the tennessee valley and down into texas. isolated tornados. not seeing too many tornados, a couple of warnings for the texas area but for the most part, tornados was not the major concern. flash flooding is. thank you. floods that caused major damage in mississippi and tennessee. check out a newly released video that shows how bad it was. this is security footage from an auto shop in nashville. you can see the avalanche of flood water bursting through the door and taking over the place. this video was taken two weeks ago. more coverage you can find at, of course. a sheriff's deputy found dead in his home after hours of long
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standoffs with fellow police officers. we'll tell you what he did in the hours before they found him dead. plus, a would-be robber tries to pick up the wrong guy. you'll see i
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a sheriff's deputy accused of shooting his wife's parents found dead in his home after a six hour standoff with police. this happened in washington, 15 minutes outside of tacoma. 49-year-old alan miron killed the mother and father and then barricaded inside his house with the two children. they made it out safely. they found the veteran deputy dead inside the home. >> it's just shocking. never expected anything like this in this neighborhood. >> it's very tough. obviously we want everybody to be okay and we don't want
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anybody else hurt. >> the deputy had been on medical light duty for a year and a half and was cleared three months ago. no word on what triggered the deadly attack. in england a man trying to rob a shop gets more than he bargained for. the man goes into the store what looks like a gun. he demands the cash, hand over the money. before he can make an escape and he is the one taken down. hero happenings to be an amateur rugby player. good for him. new numbers on foreclosures suggest that the country has a long way to go on the road to recovery, but there is some good news today. according to realty track report nearly 330,000 households received a notice last month, that is down 9% compared to the previous month and 2% drop from
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a year ago. they say it's the first time in more than four years the numbers went down compared to the previous year, but the long term projections are grim. now more on that story. >> it's good to see foreclosure numbers go down especially after the last few years. real estate experts this good news have a bit of a bite on the back end. they say the april numbers show the 9% drop has happened because banks are work go through a large backlog of foreclosures. once they get through the paperwork, the numbers are reported foreclosures could, once again, rise. >> it's like the analogy of a pig in the pipeline where the pipeline is trying to process the pig. they are trying to clean up what they swallowed a year ago, trying to get them processed and back in the marketplace. there is much bigger 'pig to be swallowed and 5 million home
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loans that are delinquent. >> there be record-breaking numbers of foreclosures and the rate of redefaults was a whopping 51.5%. >> for all those people that are here and maybe they had a loan modification, maybe it took a little bit of the pressure off. however, there is still downward on salaries and wages. it's not like all of a sudden there was a big bag of money dropped. it's a struggle to meet the modified loans. >> bottom line many homeowners are being forced to sell under duress. good deals for buyers and part of the recovery as we've been hearing in order for the economy to bounce back, the housing market must lead the way. hopefully it will happen. remember that leaked iphone that triggered an investigation?
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we're learning new details about the entire saga include what apple's ceo did. that story is coming up. even if the economy starts to pick up, jobs are still hard to come by. there is one industry in particular that is looking to hire. that is great news. fox is on the job hunt, next.
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fox news channel is america's election headquarters, right now we are days away from the closely watched political race that is too close to call at this point. all eyes on pennsylvania ahead of the senate primary this tuesday. arlen specter and joe sespak
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crisscrossing the state. polls have shown sespak gaining on arlen specter in recent weeks. we'll keep you posted. new details about the investigation into the next generation iphone. apple ceo personally demanding the phone's return. iphone prototype went awol in march when an apple engineer accidentally left it at a california restaurant. 21-year-old brian hogan found it and sold it for $5,000 to a website gizmodo. court documents say they turned night investigators but not before they posted photos and details about the phone. it was rare glimpse at an apple product. they raided the home and so far,
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no one has been charged in the case. >> right now one sector of the u.s. economy is looking to hire. high-tech. that is welcome news for the national unemployment rate nearing 10%, but the company isn't just looking for anyone. a fox report from claudia. >> with the nation's technology seeing higher earnings some of them are getting bigger. >> amazon is hiring, microsoft is hiring. >> with 60,000 new positions, up 40% from this time last year in areas ranging from online advertise to go personal computers to retail stores. but companies are being choosey, only the skilled need to apply. >> they are looking for people that are skilled in java programming or database management or newer and more in demand skills like network security. >> one area is seeing a lot of growth, intelligent solutions like video conferencing and
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virtual work environment that help companies save money and grow. bill charter was recruited by a firm six months ago and exemplifies the high-tech hires. >> presence and social networking and how that is being brought into business. all of these things are cutting edge new technologies to help our clients be more successful. >> in silicon valley, google plans to hire more and they have added 600 workers. intel is looking to add several thousand people to its work force and cisco plans to fill up to 3,000 positions this year. >> most of the hiring we're doing is in areas that what we call market adjacent. we are also making big investments in improving productivity.
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>> an lifts say ceos need to work harder to keep their key employees. all this hiring means unhappy workers may look around for something better. to some people it was too good after keel. thousands of dollars from a government incentive prompted people to buy a new home. now that tax credit has expired. why did some folks wait for it to lapse? we'll tell you. president obama is paying tribute to the men and women that keep america safe, still going strong a reiteration goinga 50 years. that is next. i'm an adult with adhd. i'm getting treatment but sometimes i still have a hard time
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>> ainsley: you're watching "fox report" h.d.. i'm ainsley earnhardt. it's the bottom of the hour and now time for top of the news. oil spill pouring into the gulf of mexico and officials hit a snag today in their efforts to contain it. we're told they are trying again tonight. and a war of words between new york congressman peter king and homeland security secretary janet napolitano. the congressman complaining about cuts to anti-terror funding. napolitano firing back accusing new york of failing to spend more than a quarter
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of a billion dollars in federal anti-terror funding. plus, the white house wants access to documents related to the president's supreme court nominee elena kagan. officials asking bill clinton presidential library to speed up the release of papers from kagan's time as a white house advisor in the '90s. documents could provide clues to where she stands on key political can is issues. the u.s. commander in chief commending those who have fallen in duty fighting crime in america. today, president obama addressed thousands of police officers who gathered on the steps of the u.s. capitol in honor of the heroes who lost their live pros texting us in the community. today is peace officers' memorial day. malini wilkes has more from washington. >> reporter: a tradition going back nearly 50 years. law enforcement officers from all over the country gather in washington for police week honoring colleagues who died in the line of duty. today, president obama spoke at a memorial service at the capital, thanking officers
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and their families for their sacrifices. >> you don't know what the next dispatch will bring. all you know is your duty to keep us safe, to keep our community safe and keep america safe. a duty you fulfill every day. >> it just reminds me that freedom requires sacrifice that the pprotector will never know. >> reporter: many officers told us they had to do more with less in the recession. earlier today, president obama tried to assure police they would have the resources they need to do their job and said $3.5 billion in stimulus funds went to support local law enforcement, helping to preserve 4700 jobs. officers say when it comes to fighting crime, they can always use more equipment and manpower. >> hiring freezes are coming down. there are academies are being cut back. equipment is being used longer.
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so anything that helps with our mission from any level is appreciated. >> they probably could and could support us more by not letting people out who hurt our loved ones and take loved ones from us. >> reporter: the national memorial fund says 116 officers died in the line of duty in 2009, the lowest number in 50 years. in washington, malini wilkes, fox news. >> ainsley: the sole survivor of wednesday's devastating plane crash in libya headed home to netherlands today. 9-year-old ruben shielded from the throngs of journalists as the hospital staff members wheeled him on a stretcher out of tripoli. rescuers found him in the plane's fiery wreckage, strapped in his seat. he was injurinjured, obviously, but still alive. his parents, 11-year-old brother and others died on the crash. most were dutch officials. turning now to the housing market in the u.s.
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for the first time in more than a year, there is no longer the government-funded incentive to lure perspective home buyers. first-time buyers were receiving $8,000 in tax credit and current homeowners received $6,500 credit. would-be buyers apparently deliberately waited for the credit to expire. they have gambled that the end of the program will actually leave them with a better deal. elizabeth prann is live in thereabout atlanta to explain. >> reporter: a gamble that may pay off for home buyers as the listing agents are doing everything they can to keep the properties moving and keep the real estate market afloat. >> cabinet space. >> yeah. >> reporter: the first-time home buyer tax credit is over but it doesn't mean the deals are gone. >> if we get home alone, we watched the price drop just $10,000 in the last three weeks. >> reporter: for lily thomas house searching in south atlanta, that is just one more reason she is in no hurry to buy a home. >> i'm not basing my decision
3:34 am
than incentive that the government is offering. >> reporter: but millions did. the program that gave the homeowners up to $8,000 in tax credit will cost the government $4.6 billion over eight years. the program may appealed to house hunters looking for boost in buying power, but thomas is glad she waited. >> there are cuts in some homes that i look at on the net. it go in and look again and they marked the price down maybe like $5,000, $8,000, so they are actually going down. the house she looked at dropped to $229,000 a month ago and today is listed for 230. she could save $10,000 rather than the credit she qualified for. the realtor says she is not the only one waiting. >> we have credit and so now we have buyers that didn't need the incentive and they are waiting to see the price reduction in homes. >> reporter: may is the first
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month that the real estate is on its own two feet without any federal government involvement. it could be a year or two of monthly sales reports before we get a good gauge of whether or not the market stabilize. ainsley? >> ainsley: thank you, elizabeth. pakistan, missile strikes killing at least five people, pakistanis saying they were u.s. missiles but it's not confirmed yet i felt happened in the khyber tribal region. the reported strikes are the first in that area and pakistani officials say one missile hit a house and another hit two trucks loaded with militants. anywhere from five to 15 people believed dead. pakistani police say militants armed with assault rifles kidnapped 60 people in another northwestern tribal area and hostages are women and children. a shocking train crash caught on tape. a huge homecoming for australia's newest 16-year-old hero, as we go around the world in 80 seconds. ♪
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>> ainsley: thailand. more unrest in bangkok as the government defends the deadly crackdown on protesters. two days of fighting between soldiers and anti-government demonstrators left dozens dead and hundreds more wounded. one leader of the protest warning the country is getting closer to civil war every minute. iraq, at least ten dead and more than 100 people hurt after three bo bombers blew themselves up at sports field in a soccer match in northern iraq. this part of the country is a regular target of people living in the violent city of mosul. argentina, camera rolling as a driver tries to beat a train across the track and loses. the man in the car survived and he's in serious condition. australia. an amazing journey comes to a close in sydney as a 16-year-old girl returns home
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after being the youngest sailor to circle the globe by herself non-stop and entirely unasitted. watson had these words for young people the world over -- >> you don't have to be someone special or anything special to do something amazing. you just got to have a dream, believe in it and work hard. >> that's a wrap on the fox trip around the world in 80 seconds! >> ainsley: tomorrow, 220 miles above our heads, the space shuttle atlantis is docking with the international space station. but atlantis' final mission hits a snag ahead of the rendezvous and now there is word something else flying through space might be heading ward the space station. that -- heading toward the space station. that's coming up. they risked as much as the male counterparts and now there is a fresh push to serve their needs long after their service to the country ends. giving female veterans their just dessert. that's next.
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>> ainsley: the crew of atlantis just settled down for the night after the six astronauts on board spent their first full day in space. a live look at the shuttle ahead of the rendezvous with the international space station tomorrow. earlier today, the crew ran into trouble with a camera system and had to delay a safety survey of the shuttle. back on earth, nasa controllers are still busy monitoring space junk, threatening to come too close to the space station and nasa still weighing whether it will require moving it. neither snag is expected to disrupt the docking with the
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international space station tomorrow. yesterday, atlantis blasted off from the kennedy space center for the final shuttle mission. the astronauts will spend a week installing fresh batteries and new russian compartment. more women, more than ever are joining the military. in 1980, the u.s. department of vet an affairs said there were 1.1 million female veterans. today the number has gone up, we have 1.8 million. when it comes to the number of female vet seeking healthcare service at the v.a. hospital, that number doubled in recent years and it is expected to double again over the next few years. casey stegall, my friend, he is live in los angeles with the latest. hey. >> reporter: hey, ainsley. good to see you. more than 23 million veterans live in the united states. about 15% of them are women. a number that has grown by more than 100,000 in the last five years. while women still cannot serve in combat roles, more and more of them are joining the u.s. military, the
3:43 am
growing population forcing the u.s. department of veteran affairs to develop programs, outreach and clinics unique to women. a population we understand that has special needs. listen. >> women in our culture still have the primary role for care-giving. with the small children. so when women go in the military service; particularly, if they're deployed overseas, they are separated from their families. this can be an issue for women when they return. >> reporter: other trends experts are seeing among female vets, they're pretty disturbing. more are homeless than men, 11% compared to 7%. three times more likely to get into a divorce. and newer data suggesting that well are more frequently diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder or ptsd than the male colleagues. >> i was an avionic mechanic and i troubleshoot radio and communication equipment. i have to be better than my
3:44 am
counterparts so they could take me serious. >> reporter: now, of course, officials say women are not the only ones receiving unique care. the v.a. system is set up to meet specific needs of veterans. if one loses a limb, for example at war, they have certain programs for amputees. now the v.a. is just doing a better job at folding women in the entire mix. ainsley, back to you in new york. >> ainsley: all right. well, i guess we will agree we need to take care of our veterans. thank you. >> reporter: absolutely. >> ainsley: good to see you. police in wisconsin accidentally discovering a warehouse full of hundreds of exotic animals. some just running around free. we're told that police in milwaukee investigating a reporting sex assault happened to stumble upon this building. cops say they found alligators, turtles, spiders, and at least five anaconda snakes. the anacondas were 20 to 30-feet long weighing several hundred pounds each. the cops now calling it a massive animal abuse case.
3:45 am
we're told they found more animals at a house next to that building and took a 50-year-old woman into custody. an amazing survival story and a machine that can actually turn oil into water? well, those are just two of the stops as we go across america. florida. incredible story. this car crashing and the baby inside flying out the window an over an 18-foot wall, and landing in the backyard of a p pompenaux beach home. amazingly the 1- 1/2-year-old child is okay, just scratch and bruises. the car lost control, rolled over and ejected the child. another child and the driver, the mom, are also going to be okay. louisiana, check out this machine in new orleans. it's supposed to turn oil into water. actor kevin costner is a
3:46 am
believer. that's why he invests in the company. the hope is use machines like this to clean up the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. >> years before i got involved i would wonder why we couldn't clean it up. >> this is a small prototype of the machine that can collect up to 3,000 gallons of oil a day. right now, 31 machines are available. california, former bakersfield teacher is on a one-man crusade to help students at a high school improve their grades. the 82-year-old educator is promising to get every student to get straight "a"s $100. >> i like to change it and make it better. >> he says he will do whatever it takes to support the student, sell his car or house if he has to pay off the money he promised. this is ohio. the entire student body in clairmont county, all 550 of them patting their heads and rubbing their stomaches for
3:47 am
one minute. why? to get in the "guinness book of world records." i looked like they shatter -- it looks like they shattered the old record. that's fox watch across america. everyone in the studio is doing this. can you do that? they spend months or years on the battlefield but many of the fighting men and women are at risk in the off-hours. we show you how one research at a university is trying to change that. one of the most popular hot spots on the net. you are probably going there after the show. facebook. pushing new changes to make time spent on the site more secure. details coming up.
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>> ainsley: barbara walters is said to be recovering after undergoing heart surgery. the view cohost announced this week she needed surgery to replace faulty heart valve and a spokesperson said the operation went well and doctors are pleased with the outcome. walter said she will take the summer off to recover and will be back to work in september. armored vehicles, bullet proof vests, to protect t protee in battle. but what keeps them safe? we have special ballistic panels to transform containers where the soldiers are working, eating and living in fortified shelters, now the military is taking a closer look at the new technology.
3:52 am
>> reporter: when troops and war zones go to sleep, they're often unprotected from the mortars or bullets. the ballistic panels could change that. >> you take our helmet off and vest off and you're vulnerable. >> the modular ballistic protective system it was designed by request of the army at the university of maine. system of panels that tie together to form a blast resistant wall around the troops. unlike concrete slabs or sandb sandbags, panels are right weight and reusable and there is a front door. >> easy to open and close. >> they found reduction in the probability of injury, not just from metal fragments but from the force of the blast. each panel is made of 28 layers of fiberglass or other materials, assembled with heat and 1800 tons of
3:53 am
pressure. >> we are cooking it. >> yes. >> light enough to be installed by teams of three or four soldiers, protecting an entire tent in an hour. >> that is quick protection in adverse situations. >> the company tech tex is contracting for everything needed to wrap up a container or a large tent, all shipped in a single box. >> it's more than a panel. it's the whole system. a system that can be easily deployed, repacked and reused. in augusta, maine, rick leventhal, fox news. >> ainsley: if you are a facebook 400 million users you will see a new round of security on the site after group of packers and spammers act up small percentage of the facebook account. here is what you can expect.
3:54 am
ask a site to e-mail or text if someone logs on from a computer you have not used. if the page has unusualed activity it will ask whoever is on your account to identify friends in one of your pictures and you will be able to go online to see the location of the last og to your account. facebook usually makes the changes over several days so you and your friends might not see the changes at the same time. is it a match made in heaven or world war ii? when you put a puppy and a little kitten together for the first time. this is so cute. you don't want to miss the story. it's coming up!
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>> ainsley: so much for the theory dog and cats are natural enemies. this proves otherwise. joelina the chihuahua named after angelina jolie adopted a kitten and is nursing it. the kitten was adopted from a los angeles shelter and the owner took home five puppies and a little kitten and she immediately started nursing the pup and kitten like it was her own and now it's one big happy family. this critter not too cool. women down under are on the look-out now for a stalker, but this one pops around. a love starved kangaroo like this one in the honeymoon ranges of australia's outback looking for some feel companionship. we heard he followed a woman out on the morning walk and later that day made advances toward a mother of three. he is a lover and a fighter,
3:59 am
because one report says the man who challenged the kangaroo got punched. police say they got calls about the kangaroo. yes, apparently kangaroos c can punch. they have no plans to pursue him unless he continues to cause trouble. on this day in 1918, america's growing love affair with the skies meets the delivery technology of old. u.s. mail takes off. today is the anniversary of the first regularly scheduled airmail flight by the united states postal service. the first fights took off between washington, d.c. and new york city. stop in philadelphia carrying special airmail stamps. it would be years before the postal service would fly from coast to coast. within a decade, the post off began contracting the service to other countries. today, mail is flown by commercial planes across the nation or around the globe, a tradition that began 92 years ago today. now you know the news as fox rert


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